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Rehabilitation Swim
A 30 minute session with our canine hydrotherapist. For dogs with a range of health issues, ideal for pre and post operative dogs.

Fun and Fitness Swim
A 30 minute session just for fun or for owners who want to help their dogs improve or maintain their general fitness. Owners may enter the pool is they wish to do so after the initial session.

Pool Parties
For a celebration or just for fun. Hire the pool for up to 3 dogs. 2 handlers must accompany the dogs in the pool with a member of centre staff.

Puppy Swims
A 20 minute session for pups from the age of 16 weeks to 1 year. Ideal non-weight bearing exercise therefore not putting pressure on the joints.

Dog Training
One-to-one and class based training available.
IABTC qualified instructor working towards Kennel Club Accreditation.
Class based training follows the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, bronze, silver and gold levels.
Puppy classes - 5 week course to help socialise and give the foundations for a well rounded adult.

Dog Grooming
Coming soon